Hazardous Materials Team

  • Hazmat 1-1 Pierce Heavy Rescue - Hazmat Entry

  • Assisting Genesee County Hazmat

    Air monitoring and product transfer during a crude oil tanker truck accident with fire.

  • Assisting Western Wayne County Hazmat

    Air monitoring during a chemical plant fire.

  • Hazmat duty officer

    Conducting an assessment of an oil spill in Groveland Township.

The Oakland County Hazardous Materials Response Team - MABAS 3201 is part of the MABAS statewide response system and the Michigan State Police Regional Response Team (RRT) Network. The team may be called upon to respond anywhere in the State of Michigan.

The team has a primary and back up duty officer on-call 24/7. Hazmat team leaders rotate response duty on a weekly basis. Each duty officer is assigned a response vehicle for the week. Duty officers are available to provide technical advice by phone to incident commanders, or respond to the scene to conduct an assessment. During a hazmat team activation, the hazmat duty officer will respond to the scene and assume of the ICS role of Hazmat Group Supervisor or Hazmat Branch Director. To request the MABAS 3201 Hazmat Duty Officer, contact Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center at 248-858-4911. The target time the duty officer to contact an IC is 15 minutes.

The team operates a response fleet of 7 vehicles and 2 trailers. Each unit is stored by a participating MABAS 3201 fire department. Hazmat team members provide monthly maintenance on the vehicles and equipment.

Hazmat 1-1 Pierce Heavy Rescue - Hazmat Entry (East)propaneflare
Hazmat 1-2 Pierce Heavy Rescue - Hazmat Entry (West)

Hazmat 1-3 Pierce Heavy Rescue - Heavy Mitigation Equipment
Hazmat 1-4 Heavy Rescue - Advanced Detection/ WMD
Hazmat 1-5 Ford F550 Box Truck - Hazmat Tender
Hazmat 1-6 Ford F150 - Hazmat Duty Officer (West)
Hazmat 1-7 Ford F150 - Hazmat Duty Officer (East)
Utility 1 - Polaris Ranger UTV
Foam Trailer - 275 gallons AFFF-AR 1x3 Foam


The hazmat team also maintains a cache of over 2 million dollars of specialized hazmat and CBRN equipment. A large portion of the equipment was purchased using homeland security grant funds provided by the State of Michigan and Oakland County.


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